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Coordinating various teams in different locations often requires enormous efforts by the team leader. You can change that today!

SharePoint is an online collaboration platform accessible from anywhere, any device, and at any time. Increase productivity, reduce time spent searching for relevant information and improve communication between teams.


Complex projects require good organization and team connectivity. SharePoint is the central place where employees can always find accurate and up-to-date project information. Access, edit and share your documents in real time. All relevant data is always available.


Team members don’t have to be in the same location to productively collaborate with each other. SharePoint enables you to link calendars, organize documents, create tasks, and send notifications via email in real time. This means that you can review project progress and unfinished tasks at any time. All team members can easily search and view required information.


Intranet is one of the most common methods for using SharePoint. Employee Portal is a central place where everyone can follow the news, announcements and company plans. If you already have intranet, but your employees are not using it – it’s perfect time to improve your business. If you need to securely migrate your system, redesign existing website or upgrade your outdated intranet – have a look at our references and ask us for assistance.


Specific content may not be available to all project teams or departments. Define user rights – control who can access and who can edit content. Microsoft protects your data and backup with rigorous physical, logical, process and management controls defined under the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard.


SharePoint platform adapts to you. According to your specifications we will develop and implement exactly those apps and functionalities that best suit – your needs.

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