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How to manage business away from the office?

In cloud, you can access your data at any time, whether you’re in the office, in a meeting or traveling, regardless of the device you use. All data, as well as all office tools are always available.


Office 365 enables mobility and allows you to work away from the office, using familiar Office tools. Easily access the necessary documents from your computer, tablet or phone, even TV. Constant buying of new software is not necessary due to automatic updates. Security and privacy are a priority to provide you the maximum protection against data loss.


Communication tools, from email and instant messaging to social networking and video conferencing, will bring you closer to anyone at any time. Connect teams in real time and increase productivity. Office 365 enables easy storage and facilitates document sharing.

Create and edit documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and store them on OneDrive service. Allow others to use documents and track changes in real time. Simple and accessible wherever you are.

Communicate with employees and clients even if you’re not physically present in the company. Hold a video conference in HD resolution with Skype for Business, displaying presentations or specific documents as if you are in the same office with your interlocutors.

Complex projects require good organization and correlation between teams. SharePoint is a platform which enables you to easily communicate with teams and employees. Set permissions, share and edit documents from any location, regardless of the device you use. Store all relevant information in one place.

Enable easier exchange of information between employees with Yammer. Completely safe social network without ads. Exchange information between teams, organize projects and get to know the people you work with. Yammer is the only network where no one will bother you with ads.


Customize Office365 to your needs and habits, with cost transparency and no sudden large investments. If you have an existing IT infrastructure, we will take care of data transfer and make all necessary changes depending on your needs.

For additional requirements and support, we are available 24 hours a day.


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