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The unstoppable rise of Internet of Things only further increases risk exposure of every enterprise.

Digital innovation creates new opportunities for transformation and business growth, however it also opens the door for new and serious threats which companies have never faced before. The unstoppable rise of Internet of Things only further increases risk exposure of every enterprise.

New approach to security and risk management

With your help and collaboration, we develop long-term strategies for creating a trusted environment suitable for conducting digital business operations and provide support to the organization’s IT structure.

Data Classification is the basis of data security – we can honestly state that it is a prerequisite for better implementation of other secure data protection solutions such as systems for monitoring and preventing data leakages. Data classification solutions enable protection and reliable sharing of information to organizations, meeting regulatory requirements for compliance, and identification and securing of unstructured data.

Network security is an important safety factor for any IT environment and information used and stored within. Services and applications necessary for smooth user performance, such as email, have to be protected from attacks, malicious applications and processes.

Security breaches are in many cases caused by devices and computers located within the network. Vulnerabilities caused by security breaches can be detected by scanning network devices.

User authentication and access to data and essential business services are granted only to authorized users. Span provides solutions that enable secure access to data and services inside and outside the corporation. These solutions are based on strong user authentication with one-time passwords for accessing corporate data.

The client side – computer – has to be protected against attacks, malicious applications and processes.

Antivirus programs, in addition to their primary function, provide other functionalities that protect your computer from various forms of attack and prevent security breaches and possible system penetrations.


Protect yourself on time and prevent data loss.