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Dynamics 365 is a suite of Microsoft cloud-based business applications covering all important aspects of any modern business. This CRM platform is flexible and could be tailor to any business specific requirements and surroundings, regardless the size of your company.

Sales force automation, acquiring new customers, resource management along with marketing automation and campaign management are just a few of activities covered with this CRM solution. Dynamics 365 connects sales, marketing, customer service with operations, field service and project management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables companies with:

  • 360 view on customer (all information easily accessible in one place)
  • Personalized and targeted communication to each client based on previous interactions and needs
  • Optimization of resources with more focus on sales and less on administration
  • Sales force automation from initial interest to invoice sent
  • Predictive analysis and detection of new business opportunities for company’s future growth

Advanced features and integrations

Integration with various marketing automation tools enables companies to plan and execute all online marketing activities while providing valuable insights about customer behavior. It provides a platform for personalized communication and nurturing long term relationship as a core component of any marketing.

Simple integration of Dynamics CRM solution with other Microsoft business related products such as advanced reporting through Power BI, Social Engagement as a social media monitoring and analysis application and Office 365, provide a customer with all necessary tools to make his business faster, more efficient and advanced.


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