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Red Hat solutions are also available on Azure

Do you have Microsoft Azure and want to run Linux software on it? Red Hat and Microsoft forged a new partnership that solves your problem!
For designers, the partnership between Microsoft and Red Hat technology opens new avenues for applications design.

• 1 minute read

7 steps toward successful implementation of SharePoint projects

SharePoint is not a one-night stand, it’s marriage material: you might not have been knocked off of your feet right away, but just as in any solid relationship, with time you will find there is no life outside of it.

• 2 minutes read
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Case Study

How did Sensilab increase sales with CRM

Do you keep your customer information in several programmes and have limited access to them? Find out how Sensilab resolved these challenges and improved their operations.

• 2 minutes read

Tisak – digital transformation retail

Thanks to Emily – IoT (Internet of Things) solution, Tisak received specific data on the demographics and habits of its customers at various sites.

• less than a minute read
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