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Does WannaCry ransomware threaten you, too?

Over 230,000 computers in 150 countries were infected in the largest global WannaCry ransomware attack. The worst thing is – the attack continues!

• 1 minute read

Are you aware how dangerous SPAM can be to your company?

About 2.5 million e-mail messages are sent globally – every second! Besides being a favourite business communication channel, e-mail is a favourite channel for cyber criminals to spread malware. How can you protect yourself?

• 2 minutes read

Exploit the advantages of integrating Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn

The market is flooded with tools and apps, some of them already obsolete, not interconnectable and complicated. The result is that you don’t have full insight into business that gets slower by the day. The solution is to integrate the Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn module for sales, HR and retail.

• 2 minutes read
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Case Study

How did Sensilab increase sales with CRM

Do you keep your customer information in several programmes and have limited access to them? Find out how Sensilab resolved these challenges and improved their operations.

• 2 minutes read

Tisak – digital transformation retail

Thanks to Emily – IoT (Internet of Things) solution, Tisak received specific data on the demographics and habits of its customers at various sites.

• less than a minute read
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