How did Sensilab increase sales with CRM

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Do you keep your customer information in several programmes and have limited access to them? Find out how Sensilab resolved these challenges and improved their operations


Sensilab is an international company that produces and sells food supplements with the aim of helping people lead healthier and more active lives.

They export to over 30 markets globally and have over 300 employees. They are leaders in the food supplement industry in Slovenia, and play an important role on other direct markets, such as Croatia, Italy and Romania.


Sensilab operates through several retail channels: the Internet, its own retail outlets, telemarketing, and wholesale.

The major challenges that Sensilab has confronted so far were how to “put together” client information gathered through various channels and enable simple access to data for all employees.

The data were well organized, yet accessing them was difficult. Office employees used 3 programmes to access the required information, while it was nearly impossible for store employees to access customer data. The situation was entirely unacceptable for a normal sales process“, said Iztok Hvala, Sensilab’s Chief Operating Officer.


With the introduction of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) online system, Sensilab wanted to collect as much high-quality information as possible on their customers and thus provide improved services to them.

Iztok Hvala, Chief Operating Officer, Sensilab

Collecting data on customers is important; however, collecting data on persons who have never purchased a single product but have shown an interest in them is even more important. On the basis of that information, we can plan future activities and turn leads into customers“, said Hvala.


CRM online has proven to be the best choice, because it enables Sensilab to collect data on customers from various channels and monitors customers through all stages – from a telephone call or e-mail to their arrival in the store or up to product delivery.

All the collected data are stored in a single place, which makes daily operations faster. Sensilab employees get all of the most important data on a customer with a single click, and use them as a base for planning future sales activities.

The CRM system enables simple data searches, analysis and segmentation according to any criteria. All the employees can access the data, and the process of entering information is automated.


The CRM online system provided Sensilab with:

  • complete high-quality customer information
  • simple access to data for all employees
  • rapid location of customer information
  • automated data entry
  • expedited business processes
  • increased quality of rendered services

Thanks to the CRM, all employees have access to customer data, which results in improved communication among the employees who waste less time asking one another about where certain of information is stored.

Business processes planned for the company were not possible without the CRM. Thus, the implementation of the CRM is not only important for the sake of efficiency, because it’s also a prerequisite for business development”, Hvala believes.


The Span expert team from Ljubljana and Sensilab employees defined business processes and employee requirements through a number of workshops. The CRM online system was created according to Sensilab’s needs and employees were trained to use the system.

Sensilab and Span agreed beforehand on the planned changes in operations and searched for solutions together.

I would like to emphasise flexibility and willingness to help at any moment as the major advantages of working with Span”, emphasized Iztok Hvala, Sensilab’s Chief Operating Officer.


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