Why did HROTE choose M-Files as its document management system

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Simple document storage, sharing and browsing are the main reasons why the Croatian Energy Market Operator chose M-Files


The Croatian Energy Market Operator (Hrvatski operator tržišta energije – HROTE) organizes the electricity and gas markets as a public service and manages incentive systems for electricity production using renewable sources and cogeneration.

Furthermore, it holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications.


HROTE’s employees handle a large number of hard-copy documents every day – from bilateral contracts and incentive applications to reports and client invoices.

HROTE’s major challenge was finding a certain document in their “paper only” archives. 

Darko Juradin, voditelj Odjela IT podrške HROTE-a

Furthermore, employees were saving their files in folders on network drives, which affected the accessibility of data and information.

Having several people work on a common document was slow and difficult, as there was no system for simultaneous file editing in place.

To jointly edit a certain document, employees were ‘tossing it back and forth’ via e-mail messages. They saved different versions of the same document on their hard drives, which led to document duplication and the issue of validity“, ističe Darko Juradin, the head of HROTE’s IT Department.

The constant influx and accumulation of “papers” imposed the need for digitalising and organizing all incoming documents.


By introducing the document management system, HROTE wanted to achieve several goals:

  • simplified document storage, browsing and sharing
  • accelerating internal operating processes
  • enabling simultaneous file editing
  • improved control of documents


The implementation of M-Files is just one of the stages in HROTE’s digitisation process.

M-Files imposed itself as a logical choice thanks to the adaptability of its document management system to HROTE’s individual needs and existing processes.

By purchasing M-Files, you not only buy a data management system, but also your own business processes. You don’t need to adjust to the system – it is adapted to you,” Juradin says.


Even so, M-Files brings something new – it changes the manner of information and data management, as what matters is what one is looking for rather than where to look for it.

M-Files saves documents automatically into a joint database by key words. Hence, what matters is the topic, not the place or file where someone chose to store a document.

The digitization of all documents from our archives simplified the location of required information and accelerated business processes. We no longer have to spend time and go through file folders manually, rather we find the required data by simply entering a key word in M-Files,” says Darko Juradin, the head of HROTE’s IT Department.

Screenshot: M-Files Overview Video 2016

The use of M-Files brought numerous positive changes to HROTE, such as faster and simplified data searches, improved information control, the possibility of file sharing, acceleration of operations and increased efficiency.


Working together with HROTE employees, Span’s experts detected the flow of operating processes and the specific needs of its individual departments and employees.

As a result, the M-Files system implemented at HROTE was tailored to match the functionalities and regularities needed and required by HROTE employees.

Training was organized to introduce employees to the new document management system.

Furthermore, Span’s experts provide support to HROTE during the adjustment process and the M-Files system can be upgraded and updated at any time depending on user needs.

A high-quality platform for document management, the flexibility of M-Files implementation and the individual approach to each employee and department are all aspects that make us extremely pleased with our cooperation with Span,” Juradin concludes.

He adds that M-Files fulfilled HROTE’s needs, in other words, it accelerated internal processes, improved employee communication and cooperation, and simplified document storage, browsing and sharing.


Quickly find, save and share documents.