VIP – How to increase employee productivity with Workforce Management Software

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Vipnet is the first private mobile network operator in Croatia. It currently has 1.74 million customers and continually develops the latest technologies and services. Vipnet has gained the status of innovations leader in Croatia’s telecommunications market.

It developed a world-famous VIP parking service and was first to launch the GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and HSPA+, Vip over IP, Vipme Broadband, Homebox and Vipme Homebox, video call service, HD voice telephony, etc. in the local market. Vipnet is part of the Telekom Austria Group and América Móvila, and is one of the best operators in the world regarding the quality of its network and services. It also holds P3 Communications certificate.


Vipnet needed the efficient management regarding technicians responsible for maintaining VIPnet’s infrastructure. The previous system did not fully meet functional and safety requirements, and the plan included the introduction of a new solution. The implementation extended the functionalities of the current system in full compliance with all safety principles.


Creation of a web application for data administration also included the creation of:

  • equipment management module
  • user management module
  • task management module, which includes allocation of resources to problem solutions and their optimization, taking into account geographical position of the location and the technician

Creation of a mobile application for Android operating system included the creation of a module that allows notification of technicians on incoming task, as well as entering and monitoring of implementation of each task.



  • Windows Server 2012R2
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Virtual machine for communication with mobile devices
  • Windows services and Android OS (minimum 4.4)

The system is suitable for installation on the Microsoft Azure platform.


The new Site tool system enables allocation of tasks to technicians, geographical review of locations (sites) and related tasks, as well as customized reporting. The system consists of a web application for data administration and mobile application used by technicians. The web application is set within VIPnet environment and, among other things, serves as an access point and a source of data for mobile applications.


Vipnet handles 6 000 work orders within a team of field engineers, which is highly demanding without the Workforce tool. Until now they used databases that had no application for smartphones, so this administrative task required more working hours than it could be allocated. The application was in production in less than 3 months. Vipnet gained a purposeful tool, customized to users and their needs, which fully satisfied their business processes and administration.

Along with our support, the user also obtains training for its employees. There are two types of end users: task administrators, who will use the web portal, and technicians, who will use the mobile application. The training involves education of a group of employees within the IT department for users, who will transfer this knowledge to end users.


Improve communication between the office and the field